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3 Step Rewind

Now available is a new one-to-one service, offered to support the wellbeing and emotional health of families in our area who may be experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings, subsequent to a distressing perinatal event, such as a traumatic birth, difficult postnatal period or problematic feeding journey. It is called 3-Step Rewind. This service is for mothers, birthing people and other parents and birth partners 


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What is 3-Step Rewind?


3-Step Rewind is a safe, effective process that helps you to reframe a difficult past event, situation or memory so that the event no longer triggers distressing thoughts, feelings or memories. 


The event you wish to reframe may be a challenging birth, difficult postnatal period or problematic feeding journey. The event may be causing you distressing memories, feelings, or behaviours and you might feel it is holding you back.


This process can help you move forward from your previous experience and enable you to reach goals in your life that you may feel are not currently possible whilst this memory, and the symptoms it causes you, are as they are.  

What does the process entail?


The process uses guided relaxation, conversation, identifying goals and reframing to enable you to shift the discomfort that you are experiencing after your upsetting perinatal experience. 


The process is carried out over three sessions.


Session 1 (approx. 90minutes)


We will discuss your story, but only if you wish to share it. The process will work irrespective of whether you choose to share your story with the practitioner. 


We will talk about how you would like your future to look and feel, once you no longer have the negative feelings and thoughts about your difficult experience. 

Finally your practitioner will take you through a guided relaxation session. 

Session 2 (approx. 60 minutes)

This session will include the Rewind component of the process. 

We will use guided relaxation in which you will review the experience. Your practitioner will help you shift the negative feelings that you have surrounding the experience, enabling you to let go of the old memory and look ahead to a future you want. 

Session 3 (30-60minutes)

This short session aims to check that you have achieved the changes you hoped for from the process, and to help you reinforce your positive future ideals using relaxation. 

We aim for about one week between each session. We can provide the sessions in your home or via Zoom. The only thing you will need is a quiet, undisturbed place and time. 

The process is free for parents in our area.

Who provides the 3-Step Rewind process?

We have three 3-step Rewind Practitioners, Jenny, Laura and Lucy, providing the Rewind process to parents in our area. 

This service is free of charge to all families in the Lowestoft and Waveney area. You do not have to have breastfed to access this service and it is available to families struggling with birth trauma and breastfeeding grief and trauma. We have 3 practitioners available at Lowestoft and Waveney currently, you will be provided with the practitioner who can best meet your availability.  


Practitioner agreement - Please read to enable you to understand more about the process 

3-Step Rewind Practitioner Agreement

·        I hereby agree to provide 3-Step Rewind sessions to you (the Client) in order to help with the memory/experience/phobia you have contacted me with regards to resolving.  During the process/sessions with me:

-        You will NOT be expected to share, describe or recount any part of any memory with me during the process unless you explicitly wish to do so.  Not discussing the experience/memory/phobia you wish to resolve will in no way affect the outcome of the process.

-        You will have the opportunity to conversationally discuss, consider and imagine, what aspects of life will be different/improved once any difficult feelings around the memory/experience/phobia have been resolved.

-        I will facilitate you through a simple guided relaxation which aims to comfortably resolve any difficult feelings around the memory/experience/phobia.  You can communicate with me during this process and pause the process at any time if you choose to do so.

·        If it becomes clear during our sessions that there is something beyond the 3-Step Rewind process protocol which I am not trained to facilitate, I will provide referral to, signposting or suggestion for a suitable therapy.  This could include (but not limited to) Clinical Hypnotherapy, CBT, EMDR, Counselling or Psychotherapy for example.

·        I agree to work with you, the Client, in an ethical manner and use my training and experience in the best way possible in order to assist you to overcome difficult feelings around specific events/memories/experiences/phobia.  This extends to obtaining and undertaking additional supervision and mentoring when necessary.

·        All information given by you will be treated as highly confidential.  Written session notes will be securely stored for a minimum of 7 years and you can request that they are destroyed, or to view them in line with GDPR regulations.

·        All sessions last 60-90minutes.

Client agreement - please read to understand the process

   I understand that the 3-Step Process is not a therapy and that I will not be expected to describe or recount any part of any event with you, the 3-Step Rewind Practitioner, during the process unless I explicitly wish to do so.


·        I am aware that the 3-Step Rewind Process is suitable for working with the memory of one single event, or series of related events occurring within a small time frame*.   I therefore confirm that, following reflection, I am not consciously aware of any additional or previous difficult life events related to or resulting in the memory I intend to work with through this process. (* This does not apply when working specifically with a phobic response).


·        I understand that, although the 3-Step Rewind process is highly effective, there is no guarantee that difficult feelings around any event, experience or phobia will be fully resolved.  I understand that, in the instance of this occurring, I can expect signposting or referral to a suitable therapy.

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