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Education Sessions

Lowestoft and Waveney also aim to offer low cost education sessions from our team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) to enable those volunteering and working within the world of infant feeding continue to learn and develop their skills. 

These sessions are offered online and recordings are available after the event. No CERPs are applied to these sessions. 

Past sessions are available to purchase - email

2024 Education Sessions

Breastfeeding - the basics! 

Join Jenny for a session covering the basics of breastfeeding, Looking at things like hand expressing and supporting parents with positioning and attachment and normal newborn behaviour this is an excellent session on the basics of breastfeeding 

This session has now passed - If you would like to purchase this training (Cost £5) please contact 

Listening and Counselling skills when providing breastfeeding support

Join Lucy for a session on listening and counselling skills while working with families to give breastfeeding support

Listening and counselling skills when providing breastfeeding support Tickets, Wed 13 Mar 2024 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

Breastfeeding gadgets

Join Kaya for a session on the gadgets that often go hand in hand with breastfeeding in particular those which support feeding when things are difficult. 

Breastfeeding gadgets Tickets, Wed 24 Apr 2024 at 13:00 | Eventbrite

Dealing with blockages and mastitis 

Join Jenny for a session looking at blockages, mastitis and their causes along with how to treat them, what could be causing them such as fast letdown or oversupply. Going in depth to look at how to support families while they are dealing with such problems

Breastfeeding and mental health

Join Lucy for a session on how we support families where breastfeeding might be causing a concern for mental health, as well as supporting families who may have existing mental health concerns and are breastfeeding

Breastfeeding premature and medically complex babies 

Join Kaya for a session on the challenges of breastfeeding premature babies and those who are medically complex. Also covered will be looking at cleft lip and palates and how to support 
Breastfeeding premature and medically complex babies Tickets | Eventbrite

Composition of breastmilk 

Join Jenny for a session on the composition of breastmilk and how everything makes breastmilk to be as amazing as it is 

Tickets Wednesday 7th August 9:30am click here


Breastfeeding and the impact of birth

Join Lucy for a session looking into the impact of birth on breastfeeding and the initiation of breastfeeding

Tickets - Wednesday 18th September 10am click here 

Back to work and starting solids

Join Kaya for a session on breastfeeding and the return to work, starting solids and many other challenges parents might face while breastfeeding. 

Tickets - Wednesday 2nd October 1pm click here 

Relactation and induced lactation 

Join Jenny for a session on relactation and inducing lactation when working with women and birthing people. 

Tickets - Wednesday 20th November 9:30am click here 

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