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Beth Fleischer (she/her), Chair

Beth's passion for third sector organisations began with volunteering for charities in her early teens and she has just kept going. She is a graduate in International Relations where her focus was on Non-Governmental Organisations. She has gained experience in a variety of roles and charities including research, fundraising, grants, impact report writing, helping gather service user feedback and supporting families of children with Special Educational Needs. A mum of two, she experienced difficulties when breastfeeding her first child and spent alot of time trying to problem solve and access support. With baby number two she was determined to access support earlier and had a better idea of the type of the support she needed. Fortunately LWBS were offering lockdown zoom support and Jenny soon helped get things on track. Beth soon joined LWBS and is now a Peer Supporter, trainee Breastfeeding Counsellor and Vice Chair. As the Vice Chair, Beth is responsible for supporting Kaya to develop and expand the charity and continue the development and expansion of the IBCLC home visit service. 


Hannah Barker (she/her), Treasurer

Hannah is a stay at home mum to one and began volunteering in breastfeeding support towards the end of her maternity leave after a traumatic birth and a difficult breastfeeding journey. The impact of these experiences for families are huge and she is determined to help others avoid the struggles she had herself. Hannah comes from a background of hospitality management with qualifications in this sector, as well as 7 years experience in the customer service industry. She is passionate about supporting people to achieve their goals and about providing a good service to all. Hannah is a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, trainee Breastfeeding Counsellor and proud to be a Lowestoft and Waveney Breastfeeding Support trustee. Hannah is the treasurer for the charity which is a complex task due to how the charity is funded. 

Vicky Bellward (she/her), Vice Chair and Secretary

Vicky is Export and Customs Manager for an international food company and her background is in sales and account management. 
Vicky's first breastfeeding journey didn't get off to the best start but her determination to seek support meant she fed for 2.5years and trained as a Peer Supporter, not only in breastfeeding but babywearing too...Vicky's sling/carrier collection is a little insane. 
Vicky makes a good trustee and secretary not only because of her organisational and minute taking skills but she is commercially minded and has a lot of experience leading a team and ensuring many cogs work together for a smooth outcome.


Sam Sale (she/her), Perinatal Mental Heath Trustee

Sam has worked in the charity sector supporting families for over 15 years. After having her own children and experiencing first hand difficulties with breastfeeding and post natal depression Sam wanted to use these experiences to help others. She trained to be an ABM Peer Supporter and alongside Jenny and Kaya founded the first Lowestoft and Waveney breastfeeding support group . Sam went on to complete her Breastfeeding Counsellor training during the pandemic and is a cafe lead at Dinky Town. 
Sam is experienced in supporting families in crisis and feels strongly that parents should have access to a safe space to seek help with achieving their breastfeeding goals.
As a perinatal mental health trustee Sam will continue to offer guidance and support to those facing the ups and downs of parenthood and work towards improving access to perinatal mental health support in the local area.

Vivien (she/her), Safeguarding Trustee


Vivien  qualified as a nurse in 2006 and was part of a community breastfeeding support team which help implement UNICEF Baby Friendly in the community.  In 2014 Vivien qualified as a Specialist Community Public Health Nurse and was seconded to help support UNICEF  Baby Friendly Reassessment.  More recently Vivien embarked on a transition to School Nursing which led to supporting 0-19 children, young people and families. Viv’s passion for breastfeeding support in the community has led to her volunteering to become a Peer Supporter and is proud to be part of an amazing team. Viv's role within the charity is to support the team with families who require additional support under the banner of safeguarding. Viv will also be available to support volunteers after they have dealt with a safeguarding. Her many years experience in the community roles within Norfolk and Suffolk ideally place her to help the charity support families in difficult situations.

Emily Cole (she/her), Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Trustee
Emily works in the library service and is passionate about making knowledge and learning accessible for all, she loves that she gets to talk to and help people from all across the local community. She has also worked in schools and volunteered as a peer supporter with a mental health charity. Across all her roles, and in her own life as a disabled student, worker, and parent, she has gained an understanding of the different needs of different people. 


Emily trained as a peer supporter after a difficult birth and early feeding experience. She really appreciated the online support from LWBS during the pandemic lockdowns and wanted to support others in their feeding and parenting journeys. 


As equality, diversity, and inclusion trustee Emily will work to ensure that support and resources are available and accessible to all who need them and that LWBS is a welcoming place for everyone. 

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