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Over 90% of people that have accessed our services said they had amazing support and 100% of people surveyed would recommend us to a friend!

"I was advised to visit LWBS Breastfeeding Cafe’s by my health visitor when I was struggling with discomfort during feeding. I went down and everyone there was incredibly friendly, super helpful and had lots of amazing advice and tips to help me with my issues. They also believed there was something bigger going on and so I had a home visit from one of the team who specialised in diagnosing tongue tie and other feeding issues. She spent over an hour with me, assessed my son and watched a feed, from which she determined we needed to see a tongue tie specialist. Even though we didn’t have issues with weight loss, the team

were determined to get us the help we needed, and after seeing two separate specialists we got my sons tongue tie dealt with. The team were absolutely incredible and went above and beyond to help us with our feeding issues. We have now reached 6 months exclusive breastfeeding, which I can 100% say would not have been the case if it weren’t for the help we got through this amazing service! I was at breaking point when I first went to see LWBS, but breastfeeding is now my favourite part of my day with my baby boy."

"Thank you so much for all your help. We are still on our breastfeeding journey and a lot of that is because of your help."

"I wanted to email to thank you both for everything. I can’t express how much you have helped us on our journey. Having your support through the tough times, made us feel less daunted and alone. Thank you really doesn’t cut it. Things are going so well atm & we are finding our feet (obviously there are still bumps in the road) and it feels sooo good!!!! We have had lots of little wins and I don’t think it would have been possible without you both. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! "

"Great team. Kaya was very helpful and always went above and beyond to offer support to us. My baby has a number of feeding issues we are trying to get to the bottom of but kaya helped as much as she possibly could."

"I had a consultation with Kaya about my breastfed dairy-allergic toddler. I'd been to see the GP numerous times trying to access support and was not taken seriously, even when presenting my daughter with a flare up, due to either a slip up on my part, or on hers. I was dismissed every time - no one would refer me to the allergy clinic at the hospital. Kaya was amazing and she really listened to my concerns, she understood how challenging it is breastfeeding on a restricted diet, and how anxiety inducing it is having a child with an allergy. I finally felt like I was being supported! Thanks to her help, we were referred to the hospital and have been able to start introducing dairy into my daughter's diet, with which Kaya has also supported me. I cannot recommend Kaya enough!"

"I can’t thank the Breastfeeding support team enough for the support they have given me since my baby has been born. They have provided me with both emotional and physical support over the past 6 weeks and are always on hand to answer any questions I have. They are friendly and approachable and provide an amazing service to local mums."


"This team is so important and valuable to mothers who need support and advice for breastfeeding. Absolutely amazing team."

"I was grateful to have somewhere to go to with questions and for help after being discharged from the midwife team."

"I can’t express my thanks to the team enough. Aside from the fact that my baby would now be formula fed if it weren’t from their input and the physical implications this have, the significant impact not being able to breastfeed was having on my mental health was greater than I could have anticipated. I’m just so grateful that I can now breastfeed. This service needs to be readily available to all who need it as there is nothing like this available to mums, midwives do not always have the same levels of expertise or time to support and I would have used many more NHS services (e.g. GP, possibly mental health) had it not been for their input

I think you all do an amazing job I am so grateful you offer this support to breastfeeding mums thank you."

"Incredibly helpful. Was desperate for advice and support and had help and a response straight away. Home visit showed me a better latch which made breastfeeding more successful and less painful. Arranged tongue tie cut within the week and been very successful."

"Amazing support still in contact weekly."

"This service is necessary and really helped me through a really difficult time. I can't thank the whole team enough for their support."

"Kaya was absolutely amazing. There was no judgement at all and she provided lots of helpful information. She advised possibly looking into seeing Chloe Savage which I did and after just 3 sessions, she sorted out the problems with my daughter and we began a comfortable breastfeeding journey. I was so close to giving up and although Kaya understood that may happen, there was no judgement, just helpful and supportive advice. Thank you so much for everything!"

"They were really helpful and sorted my daughters tongue tie. If it wasn’t for them I would of gave up breastfeeding, 6 months breastfeeding now."

"Really valuable service and support given. The access to equipment for loan was invaluable and should be available as many as possible."

"Excellent service with the home visits and email afterwards summarising discussion and goals

Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated."

"I can’t explain how much Lucy and the team have helped me on my breastfeeding journey - had I not had access to the support I would have given up breastfeeding weeks ago. Nothing is too much and correspondence is quick and empathetic. On the hardest days I do not feel alone! Amazing service, especially the home visits. I’m lucky I’ve been able to donate money to the cause but local women need this service to be funded for the mental and physical health of them and their babies."

"These people are absolutely amazing! They’ve help me and my son so much. I wish I had them with my daughter."

"Brilliant service, I wouldn't have been able to breastfeed without your support!"

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