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What is babywearing?

Babywearing is put simply a parenting tool! Some people use it as an option alongside a pram/buggy. For some people it's a choice instead of a pram for many reason. Alot of parents we meet fall into babywearing because they find their baby wants to be held. 

Babywearing comes in many shapes and babywearing parents are not all the same. For some it's a lifestyle they embrace fully. For others it's a tool for various moments. For some families it's a lifesaver!! 


Babywearing can help with ​

  • Bonding

  • Practical support - hands free when it's done correctly!

  • Reducing crying

  • Getting out and about to places that are not pram friendly

  • Baby sleep

  • An older child adjusting to a new sibling

  • Kangaroo care with a premature baby can be lifesaving

  • Mental Development

  • Poorly babies and toddlers

  • Sociable for both baby and parent

  • Breastfeeding

  • It's pretty - the options are endless! 

  • Toddlers and surviving them.....

For more information head to this great piece written by Sheffield Babywearing

Benefits of babywearing - Sheffield Babywearers



At Lowestoft and Waveney we have babywearing peer supporters who are able to talk to you about the different types of slings, the benefits of babywearing and how to safely babywear. 

We are predominantly trained with Lizzie a sling consultant who trains under Born to Carry however some of our team have completed training with Sling Smart. 

All of our cafes have either stretchy wraps or close caboos in their bags. The best place to visit to see a selection of slings and carriers is Dinky Town and Vicky with her slingy suitcase. Message us to check Vicky will be there. 

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