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Breastfeeding Cafes

From September 2022 all cafes run weekly. Please check on Facebook or via our contact us button to ensure that a cafe is running, especially during school holidays. 

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Dinky Town in Oulton Broad is where we started back in 2019 and where the original Lowestoft and Waveney Breastfeeding Cafe ran from. Initially we ran from a small room but have now expanded into Enchanted Kingdom. Dinky Town is usually where IBCLC support can be found for families with complex needs. We have a large space available at Dinky Town meaning its a nice venue to bring your toddlers for a play. 
Runs Thursdays 9.45am - 11.30am

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - On the last Thursday of each month, Dinky Town will run as our Perinatal Mental Health Drop in session.  Please note that this is run by peer support volunteers and not mental health professionals. Volunteers offer peer-to-peer support and signposting to appropriate services. This is open to all families.

We launched our Beccles cafe in September 2021 and originally ran from Quaff East. While the owners have changed and we are now at Old School we remain in the same venue thanks to the support from the team at Old School. 

Runs Tuesdays 9.30am-11am 

old school.jpeg

St Edmunds Breasfeeding Cafe launched in October 2021 becoming our third venue to open. St Edmunds is in Southwold and opening here has bought back a breastfeeding cafe to families who have not been able to access one for several years. We run alongside a toddler group making this venue the perfect venue for families with more than one child. It is free to attend the breastfeeding cafe but donations towards toddler snacks and drinks are welcome. 
Runs Wednesdays in term time. 

Way Up High cafe launched November 2021 and means that we now run cafes in North and South Lowestoft. Way Up High is a not for profit social organisation which encompasses both a preloved shop and a community space. 
Runs Wednesdays 10.30am-12pm

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Gorleston Library Community Cafe launches 8th January 2023. This is a change from our previous Great Yarmouth session on a monday. 

Gorleston Library, 10am-11:30am 
Alternate Mondays

Launching 19th April 2024, we are returning to Great Yarmouth with our new cafe at the Marina Centre. 

Alternate Friday mornings

specialist clinic.png

Launching November 2023 is our IBCLC led specialist clinic where we offer out support to all families. Held at Gorleston Library on the first Monday of the month  - the breastfeeding cafe will also be open for support. 

More information head here 

All of our cafes are drop in and available for families for social support as well as breastfeeding support. During school holidays it is advisable to check facebook or message us to see what groups are running. 

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