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Sling Safety

Whatever sling you choose it is important to make sure you are babywearing safely. 

T.I.C.K.S for safe babywearing

We talk about TICKS when mentioning sling safety - these rules apply to front carrying in any sling.

T - Tight sling

I - Baby in view

Close enough to kiss

Keep chin off chest

Supported back

See the picture on the right for an example of newborn babywearing safely. 


By making sure you are safely using your sling, both you and your baby are more likely to feel comfortable and enjoy the connection of babywearing. 

We also have a short video to go over T.I.C.K.S in front carry 

Click here for the video

For more support come and join us at one of our babywearing sessions, information can be found here 

Back carrying safety

Obviously some of the T.I.C.K.S cannot apply. You still want your sling tight and secure. Then following should be followed

  • The higher up your back the better

  • Fabric up to their shoulder blades at a minimum/the top of their neck maximum

  • Fabric knee to knee, particularly until walking

This little one is a good example in the photo on the left. 

safe back.jpg
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