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Specialist Infant Feeding Clinic

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If you are unsure if this would be appropriate or a home visit would be appropriate please feel free to email us at or whatsapp/text to 07759581795

Launching Monday 6th November we have our IBCLC led specialist clinic running from Gorleston Library alongside our breastfeeding cafe. 

This clinic is open to breast and bottle feeding families and can offer support with breast and bottle feeding, concerns around tongue tie, milk supply concerns, concerns around mastitis or thrush, painful feeding, difficulties bottle feeding, reflux, colic, weight and allergy concerns. 

Siblings are also welcome and hot drinks are available.

2024 dates 

Monday 5th February 10am - 11:30am

Monday 4th March 10am - 11:30am



Monday 13th May 10am - 11:30am


Monday 3rd June 10am - 11:30am

Monday 1st July 10am - 11:30am


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