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About Us

Lowestoft and Waveney Breastfeeding Support is run by people with lived experience of breastfeeding, each of whom have all completed varying levels of training to allow them to offer support to families accessing the service. 
Our Peer Supporters, who have completed an online 12 week course to enable them to support families with common concerns around normal breastfeeding behaviour and problems.
Our Breastfeeding Counsellors have completed the Peer Supporter training plus an 8 module course, which takes approximately 2 years. This enables them to support families with more complex breastfeeding concerns.

Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) have completed either a recognised Health Care Professional degree or 14 Health Science courses, plus 90 hours of lactation specific education, 1000+ clinical hours and passed a 4 hour exam. This is the highest qualification within breastfeeding and they can deal with complex breastfeeding concerns and problems.  

Our Story

Lowestoft and Waveney started in November 2019 with 3 team members who launched a face to face cafe in January 2020. We have expanded our team and currently run 6 feeding support cafes that are free to attend, offer charity-funded IBCLC home visits, and loan out breast pumps.

Meet The Team


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Beth (Chair), Vicky (Vice Chair/Secretary), Hannah (Treasurer), Viv (Safeguarding), Emily (EDI), Sam (PNMH) 
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Kaya (Chief Executive Officer), Jenny (Clinical Director) and Lucy (Wellbeing Manager) 
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